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Nicomex alta

Nicomex is a well respected and experienced company operating in the Brazilian International Trade market since 1926. We provide freight forwarding and customs clearance services focused on meeting the needs of the Oil & Gas industry. Our services are transparent and in accordance with the FCPA, Compliance & Anti-Corruption policies.

Nicomex’s logistics structure allows control and better planning of all logistics stages related to importation/exportation worldwide. By providing customs clearance and freight forwarding services, Nicomex has total control of its international trade operations to ensure speed, safety and cost-efficiency at every step of the logistics process.

By offering Consulting Services we seek to help our clients navigate the necessary regulations in order to obtain tax breaks related to International Trade. With a strong focus in O&G via the day-to-day interaction with our clients we are strategically positioned to aid your company in obtaining Special Customs Regimes such as REPETRO, DRAWBACK, TEMPORARY ADMISSION, BONDED WAREHOUSING, and other related regimes.

Visit our website at nicomex.com.br/en to learn more about our business and services. For any further information or request, reach us at comercial@nicomex.com.br and (55) 21 3184-6100.


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