Entrada B2B is a database of Brazilian and UK companies seeking partnering to meet market opportunities.
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Market Entry

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAENTRADA was set up to facilitate the entry of UK companies to the growing Brazilian market.

As with many overseas initiatives there are a number of hurdles that can often appear insurmountable unless

relevant expertise and local assistance are to hand. ENTRADA can provide such expertise and assistance.

Amongst the many support services that ENTRADA can assist with are :

  • Market research
  • Partner identification
  • Accompanied in-country visits
  • Assistance with regulatory/registration/licencing issues
  • Facilitation of negotiations
  • Legal services
  • Accountancy/Tax services
  • Marketing
  • Local representation/Management
  • Personnel supply
  • Rigs in NiteroiTargeted sales campaigns
  • Translation services
  • Visa/Work permit application assistance

Other services can be provided to meet specific client requirements


Contact us for further information : info@entradaB2B.com