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logoshadowTranslations For Industry (TFI) is a global leader in professional translation services and a strategic partner in the global marketplace, helping businesses the world-over achieve greater success by reaching clients in a way they understand – in their own language.

Translation requires capturing not only context, but the entire meaning which often incorporates hidden values and sentiments. An exact match of concepts, terminology, and style is needed so your translation appears indistinguishable from the original.

Remember the old saying, “You only get one chance to make that first impression“, it is still true today and can be worth much more than the amount you pay for translating your idea.

Translation helps bridge communication gaps that impede the flow of business and can cause serious detriment to your bottom line. Reach customers on a deeper level and show that you respect them, understand the local culture and are eager to create a more effective partnership for mutual success.

Translations for Industry offers linguists who are:

  • Only the best translators from around the globe
  • Fully conversant with and knowledgeable of your target subject matter
  • Fluent in over 50 major language combinations as well as regional dialects
  • Ready to work closely with you to ensure your messaging meets all of your expectations

Our Locations :

UK, Egypt , France , Italy, New Zealand , Cyprus , Ukraine, Spain , China , Romania , Hong Kong , Germany, USA, Netherlands.

Experienced Knowledgeable Professionals

Image_002Our translation professionals are fully conversant with and knowledgeable in a wide-range of industries. Your special requirements dictate that we partner with many professional translators who are also experts in key industries and understand the complexity of business-specific materials. This ensures the highest levels of accuracy and helps protect your professional image.

We employ industry experts in many areas including Finance, Healthcare, Market Research, Recruitment, Engineering and IT. Our translators take direction from you to protect your brand message to capture your reader’s attention effectively and accurately.

Locally Controlled, Globally Communicated

It is imperative, especially in financially challenging times, that investments have a clear and defined purpose. A small investment in translating your website, your technical manuals or your marketing materials can transform them into valuable sales tools to use in another country.

Global product launch collateral and technical communications can be controlled to ensure the right message is getting through. Inaccuracy in translation can be costly to your reputation. We can help prevent these kinds of errors by ensuring that you control the message that you distribute to your regional offices. Our translators are native speakers of their particular languages and fully understand the subtle differences in local culture and dialect as well as the complexities of your business so you cannot afford to make a mistake

with your translation partner.

Dedication to Service and Quality

TFI works diligently to speak your language and to get your message across in the most efficient, comprehensive manner. This is why our customers come back to us. We listen to what you want, identify where you wish to go with your ideas and help you communicate your message effectively.

Choose TFI and experience our world-class service through our dedicated Project Management team. Your designated Project Manager will liaise with you before, during and after the project to ensure that we are always fully aware of what is required and that you are satisfied with the results

Your Project Manager will handle any questions either directly or on behalf of the actual translation team to ensure throughout the process that everything stays on-track and your requirements are protected. At the end of the process, your Project Manager will ensure prompt delivery of the finished project exactly as directed, when and to whom it has been entrusted and in the requested format(s). You will find our service to be:

  • Informative – You get exactly the information you need.
  • Simple – We are easy to do business with and will deliver quality to your satisfaction.
  • Trusted – We intend to be your trusted business partner, enabling you to conduct your business with total confidence.

High-quality services at the best possible price, adding value to your global message through accurate, quality translation.


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